Cocktail Spectrum

I have been pondering why cocktail lists are always laid out in the same two ways: split into one page of classic cocktails and another of innovative drinks, or else divided by type of spirit, so there is a column each of rum drinks, vodka drinks, gin drinks and so on.

I’ve been toying with concepts of spectrum and sequence as I reconnoiter traditional lists, thinking about how to alter a drinker’s perspective by making the time spent imbibing more complex and experiential.  At the Bax vs. Clift seminar at Tales of the Cocktail last week, they shared the cocktail list for The Tippling Club in Singapore wherein one of the pages lists the cocktails on a flavor spectrum, similar (and probably superior) to what I was considering.

My next ideas are to create a Venn diagram of flavors to show which flavors overlap in different drinks, and a sequential tasting menu of drinks based on the Kaiseki Ryori. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Cocktail Spectrum

  1. That menu is cool, but I hope there is another page which tells you what’s in, say, a choose your own adventure

  2. That is pretty awesome.
    And yeah; wtf is up with other countries not telling you what’s in something?! NONE of the drinks down here even mention the type of alcohol that’s in them. Guess I’ll be sticking to wine. . .

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